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Social integration

CX has social media integration that enables you to track engagements and listen to your audience on social channels. Combining CX software with social media allows you to streamline customer interactions through all lifecycle stages and provides richer data.


How it helps you?


Easy to manage

Through social media integration, you can easily organize and sync all your social media platforms.


Deeper insights

Gain deeper insights into your social data. Understand what makes your audience tick to boost engagement.


Building your brand

Social platforms are a great way to build your brands by creating trust and authenticity.

With social integration, you can

Expand your business network

Tight integration between your app and social media channels empowers the business and helps the brand to connect with consumers directly. It provides a way to understand and address your customer queries and questions instantly.


Analytics and reports

You can leverage social media integration to get a deeper understanding of your visitor’s behaviors. The simple dashboard allows you to monitor various metrics such as impressions, total reach, customer engagement and conversations from multiple social media channels helping you refine your marketing strategy.

 Improved analysis and forecasts

Data plays a crucial role in planning the next business campaign. Organizations can leverage comprehensive data generated by various channels. Marketers often use these powerful insights to predict the customer’s buying decisions and plan and refine strategies.

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