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Voice assistance

CX integrates a voice assistant that uses voice recognition, language processing algorithms, and voice synthesis to listen to specific voice commands and return relevant information or perform specific functions as requested by the user.


How it helps you?


Automate support

Voice asisstant helps to automatically resolve routine issues or collect information.


Reduce costs

Needless to say, while a trained bot takes care of answering automatically, the human support team becomes obsolete.

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Unlimited support

Finally, your customers will forget about waiting. You can rely on a voice assistant to resolve customer demands immediately.

With voice assistance, you can

Schedule day-to-day tasks

With your voice assistant, you don’t need to worry about looking at your calendar and finding the time and date for a meeting or a task. Isn’t this amazing? The best part is that you can create and schedule events, schedule a call with simple voice commands.


Add attendees to events

Just like you can schedule meetings, you can further automate your work with just your voice. Leverage the leads module and contacts in your CX platform with your voice command software and just tell to add attendees to events.


Better productivity

In a meeting or on a call, employees usually spend a lot of time taking notes. However, this time can be utilized in a better way to focus on the tasks that matter. With the help of voice assistant, users can create and attach notes to meetings, calls, and different tasks through voice interface technology.

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