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Technologies we use

Deep learning and (Multi-Agent Systems) represent the core of our research and most of the technologies we use to assist in decision-making. Among the things that we think have the most impact is the combination of econometrics models with probabilistic models as well as deep learning in an attempt to estimate the economic impact or find out the reasons for choosing a decision.


How Our Platform Works?

We believe that the method we created is completely different from what is currently available. This method is still under research by our team and we are still developing the components that form the basis of this system. The common methods of forecasting depend on choosing internal factors that are often available to the companies or service providers, such as prices, daily sales, etc. But our method relies on combining this method with inputs from open data such as people's sentiments about a product or the popularity of a product or company. As well as integrating economic indicators in the forecasting process and enhancing it with the participation of experts such as SMEs. We are integrating all of these inputs into a deep learning-based system to give a more accurate prediction than is currently available.


Technical Architecture

The following depicts the high-level architecture design for our platform and how it interacts with the customer environment.

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