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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Modern Marketing

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Are you struggling to choose the best marketing strategy or measure the effectiveness and adequacy of your marketing campaign? You are not alone I’m too.

I’m no expert in marketing strategies so to set this straight before you go ahead and read the entire article, but I’m an expert in digital transformation and building intelligent systems that can advance your marketing strategy.

Today, most organizations follow a conventional and traditional approach to develop their marketing strategies. It involves a great deal of effort and requires good study of the market and alignment with the cooperate strategy. However, I would argue that these strategies are predominantly based on past experience and little to do with “your data”. It is rare to see organizations employ advanced analytics to build their strategies. Mostly, due to technical complexities or inability to harvest the data.

Data-Driven Organization

You must have seen this title before. Numerous organizations like to put this title in their strategies to indicate the organization puts data first. Although, this is a great direction to take, however, few organizations do manage to perfectly implement. Only those who really understand how to put “Data-First” manage to succeed in building a data-driven organization.

Building a “Data-Driven Organization” is a rather extremely challenging task. It would take the entire organization to achieve it. Many processes need to be redesigned, rules need to be rewritten and business logic needs to be rethought. Equally, the IT infrastructure needs to be ready to help achieve that from building systems to storing and manipulating data.

Data and Marketing

No matter how good and robust your strategy is, it will be extremely fragile if not based on facts and data. Strategy after all is a process; a thoughtful process; you need to collect data about your organization, products, customers, partners in order to tailor the strategy to work best for you.

The data is available in two places. One within your organization’s systems and the other outside your perimeters. The latter is mostly found in open data. Nowadays, social media and global news on the internet represent a big portion of that data. That is why organizations these days use social media monitoring tools to monitor and observe what people are exchanging about them and their brands.

Social Media and Marketing

Companies today are in a race to attract more customers and promote their products to consumers online and most specifically over social media platforms. It has become a practice to analyze what people say over social media platforms to measure the performance of the marketing and communication department. It’s really such a powerful tool and we have seen the impact they present on the social, economic and political life we have today.

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence was introduced to solve the inability to process a massive amount of data and spot important things like when people are happy or angry about a service or a product we have. Many tools today offer basic to advanced Natural Language Processing to read the unstructured data make sense of it and present insight that could help organizations improve their services.

AI can be used in various marketing scenarios and I will give a shortlist of potential scenarios where AI can be of help

  • Personalized Recommendations: AI can be used to help deliver personalized content and therefore improve the chance customer click or choose a product or service. With proper data planning, you can collect information about your customer preferences (with consent) and display the relevant products and services.

  • Customer Care: Customer care is a big umbrella that covers interacting with customers, receives feedback and process customers’ requests. AI can be used in various touchpoints within the customer journey.

  • Conversational Agents (Basic & Advanced Chatbots): Chatbots and conversational agents are becoming more and more widely accepted due to the high adoption by many organizations.

  • Content & Website Design: Today, there exist many tools that help in content generation and website designs recommendations. Organizations can easily leverage these tools to easily create and publish compelling contents.

  • Advertisement Bidding: AI is used in all advertisement platforms and organizations can use these available features. For example, you can let google ads decide what best work for you! And without the need to understand how bidding strategies work.

  • Understand Buyer Persona: Understand the buyer persona is key. You can use AI to determine the “intent” of the prospect request and then deliver the request to the right team.

  • Audience Targeting: You can use analytics and advanced analytics to determine the right target audience. You can also use AI tools to screen the public data and generate insights that can help you define your target audience.

  • Topic & Title Generations: Perhaps this is one of the most challenging tasks in AI and today we see quite good advancements in this field. You can generate titles and topics that attract more customers.

  • Customer Churns: Identifying the customers churn is important. You can direct certain marketing campaigns or offer discounts for customers likely to churn.

  • Lead Scoring and Health: You can use AI to assign a scoring for each lead to help sellers quality the lead. This helps optimize the quality of leads and the sales team’s ability to utilize the marketing efforts.

Marketing Recommendation Platform

Realizing the importance of digital marketing and the current gab in finding the right tools to help markers achieve better decisions. We at Brightaira decided to build a platform that helps people working in marketing and companies make decisions with regard to the services and products they provide.

Brightaira, is an advanced artificial intelligence global media platform that assists organizations in making decisions in the area of Marketing and Customer Success. Brightaira collects Millions of NEWS and SOCIAL MEDIA feeds, analyzes them and provides organizations with the insights and decision choices to help optimize customer experience and improve business outcomes.

Unlike other tools, Brightaira provides “recommendations”, we call them “Parameterized Recommendations”. Where the AI engine determines the best recommendations and then decide the values within these recommendations that fit your organization. For example, available tools identify your negative sentiment, Brightaira’s AI engine on the other hand tells you what improves your sentiment and by which percentage you will probably improve when following the recommendations!

Try it for Free!

We believe AI should be available to all. Most of the available tools are very expensive and few organizations can afford to bear the cost.

We provide a ton of features with very affordable subscriptions fee that is suitable for many. You can also try the tool before you commit to any payment. TRY NOW.


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